*FUN*                 *PLAY*               *LEARN*              *SUCCEED *

ACTIVE SPARKS has four fun, engaging and inclusive sports activity programmes. They have been created to help kids develop their:
*physical movement skills (fundamental movement skills and patterns)
*knowledge and cognitive skills
*emotional and social skills (e.g  confidence, team work, communication and listening skills, patience, empathy)
*self-management skills (e.g decision-making, problem solving, managing emotions)
There are four main programmes:
Mini Sparks   1-2 year olds
Shooting Sparks :   3-5 year olds 
Fire Sparks:  5-6 year olds​
Super Sparks:  7-9 year olds
Each lesson is fun, motivating and child-centred. Lessons are base around the your child's needs and abilities, with differentiation and education being a key in the delivery of these programmes. 
These programmes focus on developing children's movement skills and patterns in a supportive, positive and age appropriate format.  The programmes are designed to build your child's confidence and competence, whilst challenging them to reach for their own stars and ultimately enjoy being active through play, sport, recreation and life!
Mastering children's fundamental movement skills and patterns is the first step in developing their confidence,  participation and success. There is three themes that are the building blocks of physical activity and are covered within all the programmes. They are:
  • Body management skills (landing, balancing and rotating) 
  • Locomotive skills (running, jumping, skipping, hopping, dodging)
  • Manipulative skills (throwing, catching, striking, kicking)
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Time: 9.00am-9.30am
Time: 9.15am-10am