What’s this 'Shooting Stars' programme briefly about?  It is a physical skills programme which focuses of developing your child's fundamental (basic) movement skills such as hopping, skipping, jumping, throwing, catching, striking etc. The sessions will be fun, educational and game-based.
What are the potential benefits for my child participating in these programmes? 
  • improved physical motor skills
  • improved self-image and self-confidence
  • improved socialisation skills
  • improved well-being and health
  • increased involvement and enjoyment for lifelong physical activity
What are Fundamental Movement Skills?
Fundamental Movement Skills  (FMS) are gross motor skills such as running, balancing, throwing, catching, kicking etc. They provide the building blocks for more complex and specialised skills that kids need for many physical activities, such as playing games, dance, and sport. These skills are important to your children's physical and cognitive motor development as well as their social growth. 
What are the benefits for participating in a FMS programme?
Research has proven that children who have well developed fundamental movement
skills are:
  • more confident in their ability to participate in physical activity
  • competent learners
  • likely to enjoy and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle 
When will programmes resume?
The 'Shooting Stars' community-based sessions will start Term 3, Friday 24th July. Individualised child-centre based programmes will also begin in Term 3.
How can I register my child for a FREE taster session?
There is an up-coming taster session on Friday 26th June, spaces are filling fast so please complete the 'taster session' form to register your interest and we will be in contact to confirm if space in available. *Please note only one free taster session is available per child.
As a parent/caregiver will I be expected to participate in the lessons with my child?
'Shooting Stars Programme':  It would be great if your child is comfortable to participate on their own and this  will be encouraged, however parents may need to support their child at times so please be prepared to participate if necessary and you may also want to wear suitable clothing.
"Action Stars' and 'Super Stars" programmes: parental participation is not required at these levels, however supervision may need to be applied based on recreational centres guidelines.

What should my child wear? please ensure your child wears clothes that are comfortable and which they can move easily in.  Footwear: sports shoes only or bare-feet will be fine.


Can I bring my other children to watch?  The Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre room that has been booked for the community-based class is fantastic as it has a carpeted area at the end of it which can be cordoned off and some based toys will be provided. The venue is happy for children to eat in this area too.