"Helping spark children's enthusiasm and love for being active and sporty"


Active Sparks is excited to now offer three unique sports programmes including:

MULTI-SPORTS,  SKATING and DANCE MIX is coming in 2022!


These programmes are designed to help develop your child's confidence and physical competence is a huge variety of sports. All are sessions are fun, engaging, inclusive, action-packed and game-based.  Our coaches are enthusiastic and passionate about delivering engaging, high quality lessons.   Our programmes are a great 'after-school' option for primary school children of all ages and being after-school AT SCHOOL works well for families with busy lives.


Our MULTI-SPORTS programme allows children the opportunity to participate in over 7 different sports per term. These sports are made up of both traditional and non-traditional sports such as: basketball, football, dodgeball, netball, rippa-rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, ultimate frisbee, dance etc. Children will participate in two sports per lesson (approx. 25mins each sport) with a mini sports festival on the final session.  The great things (for parents) about this programme is that it is AT SCHOOL, straight AFTER-SCHOOL, so all parents need to worry about it just picking them up!

Our SKATING programmes are focused around developing children's skills and confidence on their roller-blades and roller-skates, with mini games and skill-challenges.  These unique skating programmes are lead by one of New Zealand's  top Speed Skaters (Romina Silva Rojas) who has medals for your home country (Chile) and recently won gold in the NZ Championship competitions!

DANCE MIX is a unique dance programme comprising of at least 4 different dance styles (e.g. Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Salsa. Tap and Yoga). Dancers will be taught moves in each of these styles and learn to choreograph their own dances. They will then be able to perform these at the end of the term to an audience. More details coming soon....