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Our SKATING programmes are focused around developing children's skills and confidence on their roller-blades and roller-skates, with mini games and skill-challenges. 


These unique skating programmes are lead by one of New Zealand's  top Speed Skaters (Romina Silva Rojas) who has medals for her home country (Chile) and gold medals in the NZ Championship competitions!



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Romina Silva Rojas


EXPERIENCE: I have worked as a sports coach for children, adults and people with disabilities. I also have at least 6 years of experience working as an integral professional in the management of Olympic and Paralympic sports organizations in Chile, supporting athletes to reach their maximum potential in high performance.


QUALIFICATIONS:Diploma Management of Olympic sport organizations (2018) Certificate Organisational Capacity Programme – Level 1 (2017) The Agitos Foundation International Paralympic Committee (2015).  Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity Diploma in Management of Sport - Santo Tomas University - CIES - FIFA (2014)Speed and Recreational Skating Specialist Chile - Speed Skater ChampionNZ - Speed Skate Champion (national record in 200m)


ABOUT ME:I come from Chile and have made NZ my new home to continue being a speed skating athlete and coach, as well as perfecting my second language. Back in Chile I held the title of Chiles' National Speed Skater. Since coming to NZ I have continued with my sport and am currently NZ Roller Sports Speed Champion (2021).   My second passion is working in sports, recreationally or high performance, providing quality sports experiences for everyone.  My main goal as a coach is to give fun, participation, skill development, constant improvement and enjoying time with friends.